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No to the persecution of university teachers for their civil activity


University Solidarity Russia

Statement by the Central Council of theUniversity Solidarity trade union

The so-called special operation by Russian armed forces on Ukrainian territory, which has resulted in human victims and destruction, is also seriously aggravating the situation with human rights in Russia itself. Mass media independent of the state are being closed down, social media networks are being blocked, and laws are being adopted that severely limit the freedom of speech. In reality this is the introduction of military-style censorship.

The workplace rights of teachers, and academic freedoms, are also under threat. University administrations are putting pressure on employees in tertiary education who oppose military action. Several colleagues have been forced out of their jobs. Such incidents have been recorded at the Saratov State Law School, the St Petersburg Trade Union University of the Humanities, the St Petersburg State University of Pediatric Medicine, the Urals State Pedagogical Institute, Adygea State University…

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